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Changes to the HSE First Approval System

From October 2013 the first aid training industry changed as a result of the Professor Lofsted report issued in November 2011. In 2012 the HSE announced that they will be withdrawing from HSE First Aid Approvals with effect from 5 April 2013.

The HSE continue to set the standard by way of Instructor qualifications, course content together with the minimum contact hours per course, but the HSE will no longer guarantee through the current recognised HSE Approval system that any particular company is 'Approved' to deliver First Aid Training and from October 2013 that task will then fall upon Industry.

The report outlined three routes in which first aid could be delivered; Ofqual Awarding Body, First Aid Industry Body and Independents It will be the responsibility of Industry to carry out risk assessments to establish First Aid requirements in the workplace plus also to demonstrate “due diligence” has been observed in employing appropriately qualified training providers.

To be a member of FAIB we must have demonstrated that:
  • Trainers and assessors are suitably qualified and experienced
  • Trainers and training are regularly monitored by internal and external sources
  • Training is taught in line with current practice and programmes meet HSE guidance
  • We have a quality assurance and complaints procedure
  • All courses are evaluated
  • We have all necessary insurances
  • Certificates are issued valid for 3 years
The HSE guidance for employers on selecting a training provider has a checklist to ensure due diligence requirements are met. To assist you in this process we have completed a copy of the checklist to show how we meet the criteria in full.

This can be viewed by clicking the appropriate image below. We have also included copies of the HSE Employers Guide and the FAIB Employers Guide for your assistance. We are a member of the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB)

If you need any additional information them we would be more than happy to provide it on request

If you require OFQUAL certification we can provide this but an additional per student fee is payable to cover the external fees associated with the provision of this certification

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